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Magnolias trees that survived a sleepy winter. Happy.

Baby turtle (size of a nickel)… we found her on a pebbled country path today..
the kids couldn’t wait to tuck her in their sweaty palms +
set her free in the old mossy pond – deep in the woods .
She found her perch on a knotty log + couldn’t wait to
dive into the clear pool below her. Happy.

The elegantly chirping swallows arrived this week.
The barn’s rustic timbers are softened with their artful nests – ready for… Happy.

Patina Vie



We Love Character (s)

In All Forms

Maybe its because they’re so
warm and welcoming – so ridiculously charming.
Home is instantly more casual when you have
a few of these guys sharing your cottage.
(If you’re not into all the hair + drool +
tearful laughter.. just consider some little
vintage statues in your favorite flavor).

Smell Comes Along With The Face

But we don’t care (do we)!
Sweet, sweet angel.
Maybe in this case – a tattered old oil
painting (or two) might just be best.
Wouldn’t you love an entire wall covered
in old dog paintings! Sign us up!!

Preppy + Nostalgic

Little antique plates crave worn tartan plaid,
leather-topped tables + golden glasses filled-
just a touch.. after dinner. Amazing what an
antique scene can conjure up for the soul.
Hmm.. we may need to take a spin over to
Scotland – a vintage scavenge for some
bagpipes and argyle may just be necessary.

Refined Elegance

Quite the pose (usually the case when the camera is out).
TANK is our velvet bulldog here at Patina Vie.
He shares all the same qualities as our favorite treasures:
a bit dusty, a touch scuffed and tumbled, smells good when
you take a long draw in close to his face… endearing,
and always makes your heart come alive.
(Tank faithfully joins us on all of our vintage-seeking
escapades – he’s got a great eye for the unusual)!!

Here’s to living life in shades of lovely..
with all the characters that make it even more charming.



CHARM. It must be the randomness of it all that holds us captive.
Flirtatious + sweet. Unpredictably wondrous whenever our happy
paths cross. Too good to go unnoticed… too addictive to ignore.
Lucky us.

Life is SIMPLY more GLORIOUS when we stumble upon it. Charm.


What could possibly be more charming than this
beauty. (We’re so inspired.. crocheted caps +
crimson capes are now encouraged.. especially
when we’re out and about).


You MUST have at least a little taste of sassy-exotic
in your cottage or castle.. may just change your creative
perspective forever. Let your hair down + celebrate the cool.


Rustic structures are tops on our list.
They’re fantastical mood-lifters… superb photo backdrops…
(+ another random place to add a smidge more)… charm.