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Green Makes Us Happy


Our eyes CRAVE green this time of year!!  
Our favorite trick:  Add a boxwood wreath into your decor for a pop of instant fresh.  
Layer over some cool canvas art.. maybe a vintage mirror..  très chic!

Check out Smith & Hawken Boxwood Wreath : http://bit.ly/1PFxsmc


be true. choose pretty.


Fashion meets Home


I was craving some casual style on our December tabletop…
a linen scarf from the closet was the charm
(..the faint drift of summertime perfume is a bonus on these crisp white days).



Hues of Country Strolls


Wooded lanes and foggy marshes… we’re ever inspired by our country strolls.

Can’t wait to see what this Patina Vie design becomes.. perhaps stationary?.. pillows?..

 Shop our curated mix of must-haves to feed your soul:

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Indigo Dipped


One of our favorite Hues
.. from textile and canvas.. to terracotta and stone..
our eye continues to crave.
Get some into your day. Today.

Shop our Indigo Dipped inspired Get the Look below.

Image Map

Image Map

Decorating Your Wall

{click on images for source}
We’re constantly searching for inspiring ways to switch up our wall decor.
Antique doors, botanical prints, decals, plates, tiles, antlers, DIY prints… the possibilities are endless.

If you’re looking for some fresh new wall inspiration.  follow our WALLS board on pinterest. CLICK HERE
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We Love Character (s)

In All Forms

Maybe its because they’re so
warm and welcoming – so ridiculously charming.
Home is instantly more casual when you have
a few of these guys sharing your cottage.
(If you’re not into all the hair + drool +
tearful laughter.. just consider some little
vintage statues in your favorite flavor).

Smell Comes Along With The Face

But we don’t care (do we)!
Sweet, sweet angel.
Maybe in this case – a tattered old oil
painting (or two) might just be best.
Wouldn’t you love an entire wall covered
in old dog paintings! Sign us up!!

Preppy + Nostalgic

Little antique plates crave worn tartan plaid,
leather-topped tables + golden glasses filled-
just a touch.. after dinner. Amazing what an
antique scene can conjure up for the soul.
Hmm.. we may need to take a spin over to
Scotland – a vintage scavenge for some
bagpipes and argyle may just be necessary.

Refined Elegance

Quite the pose (usually the case when the camera is out).
TANK is our velvet bulldog here at Patina Vie.
He shares all the same qualities as our favorite treasures:
a bit dusty, a touch scuffed and tumbled, smells good when
you take a long draw in close to his face… endearing,
and always makes your heart come alive.
(Tank faithfully joins us on all of our vintage-seeking
escapades – he’s got a great eye for the unusual)!!

Here’s to living life in shades of lovely..
with all the characters that make it even more charming.