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Why not?

They’re truly the most charming form of
entertainment a few acres can provide. They dance
about… shifting from one window’s view to another.
They adore apple skins (and the remnants of last
night’s popcorn). We simply delight in their
fanciful folly.. and if we’re being honest, their
folly inspires ours. Could there be a better reason
to adorn their coop with shed antlers… a vintage
copula + Mossy bricks (more to come)… .

Life is SIMPLY more GLORIOUS when we stumble upon it. Charm.

Dewiness at its finest

We’re fully aware that we’re
smack in the midst of the year’s twelfth month.
Snow is coming.. but not quite yet.. and we’re
still able to crave some color from the earth.
Some insanely good nibbles from our country’s
spring-time. For all you fellow-northerner’s…
doesn’t it feed your soul in the finest way?
Anticipation. Sweet memories…….regret
(oh why didn’t I plant more bulbs this autumn)??
Okay.. back to Anticipation.

why, oh why.. is moss so good?!!

A wee little garden shed tucked under the shadow
of an ancient Norway spruce is the best recipe
for country-divine. Some days, we’re tempted
to finally slow down… maybe even pause long
enough to toss a vintage plaid blanket next to
her… and relish in her country-ness.
Won’t you join us? Bring some wine?


Here’s a candid shot of our
favorite form of “casual” (sure, call us a little nutty)..
One fine day, the babes decided to toddle up the back
steps to help themselves to a cool drink from the
Bulldog’s water bowl.
Get your charm on!