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Keep It Simple

Heaven On Earth

Don’t you just adore the effortless glory of the country!
Shades of green dripping with the sweet scent of charm.
Its time to get some simple into your everyday.
Easy, carefree goodness.
Dig in and allow little pieces of tranquility to seep in all around you.
Life in shades of LOVELY!

Nature’s Canvas

The warm golden patina of a stack
of rustic firewood is simply tops for us.
Get your hands on a little bundle and stack it in vintage
baskets by the back door.. and make sure to have a stack
on the porch (just because you can.. who cares if you
don’t have a fireplace that burns wood!!)
We’ve even used stacks of wood as a backdrop for our
photography now and again…
Earthy and good. Get some. Savor it.
You’ll instantly feel a little more country.

We Encourage Standing On The Furniture

Kids, dogs, chickens… (+ more kids).
Thank goodness we had a camera at-the-ready for this chance moment in time.
Such a shame there were butterflies for her to chase in the field…
or she may have stayed for the afternoon.

The Most Glorious

… are usually the most simple.
Make a statement in your own natural way.
Drifts of tall grasses… yards of tweedy burlap..
rows of pebbles and sticks.. mirrors framed in driftwood..
bowls filled with shells. Breathe it in + take your time.
Here’s to simply living life more beautifully!

Vintage Hand-Crafted Holiday… Make A CHARM TREE

The Junkier The Better

This pretty much goes for anything in our world.
But.. To find a little piece like a
vintage bottle-brush tree to hold all
of it.. whew.. careful while we prepare
to pass-out! This antique Holiday Tree is
a true family heirloom. Years of love, dozens
of kids + cousins who have touched it, broken it,
added to it.. and loved it some more.
There’s no secret recipe – just find any tree of
your dreams + start loading it tiny charms, baubles
(shiny + dusty are always a good combination)…
one thing we do promise.. you’ll be creating a tradition
that will be treasured for years to come.

Generations Have Kissed Our Angel

Sweet thing…
she’s been mangled with sticky-faced adoration.
From drooling toddlers to eggnog-sipping
grandfathers… everyone kisses our angel.

There’s Nothing More Tempting

Than a plastic whistle at eye-level.
If the holiday’s weren’t nutty enough already…
just throw a little invitation like this out to a
group of kids.. (it usually happens just when candles
are lit + Nat King Cole is romancing the house with some
warm MERRY… you can always count on a good crack of the
whistle to bring you back to the moment!

There’s Always a Harmonica Player In The Room

Amazing how just the idea of a mini instrument
can charm the pants off of anyone who meets our holiday tree.
We encourage a hummmmm from anyone who will try
(the little charmer is still in tune)!

Trophies, Scissors, and Guns

Oh My. This is where the beauty lies.
In the randomness of all her treasures.
Why, the oil funnel lies just above the Holy Bible…
the vintage bird is connected to the camping lantern..
and the chenille Santa head is pushed deep into the branches..
holding on for dear life. Almost as if we just wrote an
abbreviated screenplay for modern life. Get Your Charm On.

A Story In Color

So here’s our simple wish for you: BE ALIVE.

Live in COLOR. Let it seep into your world as often (and unexpectedly) as you can.
Surprise yourself. Push your comfort and amaze your eye.
This is, quite certainly, the best way to GET YOUR CHARM ON!
This cloisonné lamp base has no right to be center stage in a
tiny space.. ohhh.. but the allure of her vibrant scheme is
magnetic. Any room (or wall.. or display.. or room décor)
has more VERVE when drenched in COLOR!

Why is blue so good?

Just a simple tone-on-tone makes a heart skip-a-beat.
Display pieces like this where you’ll see them…
where you can glance at them as you flutter on by.
Group similar pieces together so your eye and soul
can dance all at once. Pepper them throughout your
castle so no matter where you find yourself,
you’ll always be surrounded with color.

Here’s a great little trick.

Use color as a backdrop for
beautiful items that may otherwise get lost in the shuffle.
These fine little cut-glass shakers would disappear into
the dust if the colorful goblets weren’t nestled in behind them.
Color is a brilliant ally in your decorating.
Get Busy + Be Alive!!

Take Tarnish With Your Sparkle?

Neglected Silver is Always our Preference

Everyday.. yes, yes!

Don’t you just adore the warm hue a good patina
adds to all the shiny crispness? Glass sparkles
in an old-worldly way… candles glow just a
little more…get some… find some + then
layer in some more.It just has a way of
making your entertaining + decorating…
more REAL.

We Like Our Gold scratched AND Dusty

Sounds a bit nonsensical…
but our passion really has no limit!
Our dusty shelf really sets off the
gleam from the incense pot’s golden-ness.
If they were both crisp and shiny…
what a boring story we’d have here.
(How good is the Chinese shade of red…
might need to get more of that into
your world.. wait… maybe into ours)!!

Tarnish So Good It Looks Like Leather

The light embossing on the silver
is so entirely beautiful… too many
fingers have swept across to catch a
little magic. The tarnish should really
be rubbed away (soon enough)… but
in the meantime we had to capture the
cognac glaze that is seeping into the
character of this lovely piece.
Celebrate the patina… surrender to
the tarnish
(polish if you need to from time to time).
And enjoy the dance all over again. Soon.



CHARM. It must be the randomness of it all that holds us captive.
Flirtatious + sweet. Unpredictably wondrous whenever our happy
paths cross. Too good to go unnoticed… too addictive to ignore.
Lucky us.

Life is SIMPLY more GLORIOUS when we stumble upon it. Charm.


What could possibly be more charming than this
beauty. (We’re so inspired.. crocheted caps +
crimson capes are now encouraged.. especially
when we’re out and about).


You MUST have at least a little taste of sassy-exotic
in your cottage or castle.. may just change your creative
perspective forever. Let your hair down + celebrate the cool.


Rustic structures are tops on our list.
They’re fantastical mood-lifters… superb photo backdrops…
(+ another random place to add a smidge more)… charm.