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A Story In Color

So here’s our simple wish for you: BE ALIVE.

Live in COLOR. Let it seep into your world as often (and unexpectedly) as you can.
Surprise yourself. Push your comfort and amaze your eye.
This is, quite certainly, the best way to GET YOUR CHARM ON!
This cloisonné lamp base has no right to be center stage in a
tiny space.. ohhh.. but the allure of her vibrant scheme is
magnetic. Any room (or wall.. or display.. or room décor)
has more VERVE when drenched in COLOR!

Why is blue so good?

Just a simple tone-on-tone makes a heart skip-a-beat.
Display pieces like this where you’ll see them…
where you can glance at them as you flutter on by.
Group similar pieces together so your eye and soul
can dance all at once. Pepper them throughout your
castle so no matter where you find yourself,
you’ll always be surrounded with color.

Here’s a great little trick.

Use color as a backdrop for
beautiful items that may otherwise get lost in the shuffle.
These fine little cut-glass shakers would disappear into
the dust if the colorful goblets weren’t nestled in behind them.
Color is a brilliant ally in your decorating.
Get Busy + Be Alive!!