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Rescue Obsessed

It’s a simple tale of fate (aren’t they all)..


.. I was out gathering vintage treasures from one of our favorite haunts.. and stumbled
upon this beautiful creature. He was alone in a shabby corner.. years of dust.. and not
a single beam of sunlight to be found. Makes no practical sense..
but knew for certain he had to be rescued.

Leather suitcase, a fireplace mantle, boxes of cocktail glasses, industrial baskets..
and a cinnamon bearded goat. My car looked like the gypsy’s caravan moving across
country.. (you never know what a day might bring)!

He now hangs at our headquarters as our darling mascot.
We’ve named him VIE (which is French for LIFE)… so much sweeter
with a layer of history and patina, don’t you think?!

We’ve accessorized him with a vintage Belgian cowbell + a few peonies that
just opened today. (We give his beard a gentle tug for good luck +
flick the bell when goodness comes our way).






Beauty Deep in the Woods

Our kids threw on their rubber boots today
and headed deep into the woods…
a fantastically warm February day with the golden sun shining.
Off they skipped to the secret spot in the woods…
next to the old fieldstone foundation where a country farmstead
and family once flourished with life + beauty.
They were on a mission to find some “goodies” to collect.

To our surprise they toted home a mix of beautiful treasures
that have been awaiting curious discovery.

Just A Little Patience

A modern terrarium has sprouted woodland
ferns after 70 years of moisture + dappled sunlight.

A Kaleidoscope of Discovery

How fantastical is this color combination? Sign us up!!

Message in a Bottle

This little charmer has sprouted a full mossy world within…

We may have to bring it inside + nestle it on a sunny sill.
Natural inspiration better than anything we could’ve planned.

What simple treasures are you yearning to unearth? Go get them!

Patina Vie


Take Tarnish With Your Sparkle?

Neglected Silver is Always our Preference

Everyday.. yes, yes!

Don’t you just adore the warm hue a good patina
adds to all the shiny crispness? Glass sparkles
in an old-worldly way… candles glow just a
little more…get some… find some + then
layer in some more.It just has a way of
making your entertaining + decorating…
more REAL.

We Like Our Gold scratched AND Dusty

Sounds a bit nonsensical…
but our passion really has no limit!
Our dusty shelf really sets off the
gleam from the incense pot’s golden-ness.
If they were both crisp and shiny…
what a boring story we’d have here.
(How good is the Chinese shade of red…
might need to get more of that into
your world.. wait… maybe into ours)!!

Tarnish So Good It Looks Like Leather

The light embossing on the silver
is so entirely beautiful… too many
fingers have swept across to catch a
little magic. The tarnish should really
be rubbed away (soon enough)… but
in the meantime we had to capture the
cognac glaze that is seeping into the
character of this lovely piece.
Celebrate the patina… surrender to
the tarnish
(polish if you need to from time to time).
And enjoy the dance all over again. Soon.