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Vintage Color


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Happy shopping!

Rescue Obsessed

It’s a simple tale of fate (aren’t they all)..


.. I was out gathering vintage treasures from one of our favorite haunts.. and stumbled
upon this beautiful creature. He was alone in a shabby corner.. years of dust.. and not
a single beam of sunlight to be found. Makes no practical sense..
but knew for certain he had to be rescued.

Leather suitcase, a fireplace mantle, boxes of cocktail glasses, industrial baskets..
and a cinnamon bearded goat. My car looked like the gypsy’s caravan moving across
country.. (you never know what a day might bring)!

He now hangs at our headquarters as our darling mascot.
We’ve named him VIE (which is French for LIFE)… so much sweeter
with a layer of history and patina, don’t you think?!

We’ve accessorized him with a vintage Belgian cowbell + a few peonies that
just opened today. (We give his beard a gentle tug for good luck +
flick the bell when goodness comes our way).






This one of a kind stunning
Italian etched glass decanter + four shot glass set
has just gone live on One Kings Lane!
Grab it now… or it might be gone tomorrow.


Here’s to living life in shades of lovely!

Patina Vie